RedBlackGold:Silk in a Can

  • Duncan Designs loves shopping in the Garment District of NYC to buy silk chiffon to create these colorful, hand-felted circular scarves from our buying trips. This all-season scarf is a compliment to any outfit: casual to business. And, it stores easily in a purse. Each scarf may be worn many ways, using the loop as a "catch," or knotting the loop, and sometimes simply wrapping the scarf around two times. Check out the various poses or invent your own! Silk in a Can makes a great gift and will arrive in its own 4”x 4” can.

    This nuno-felted scarf was made by combining the silk with merino wool roving and soap & water. Then it was rolled 600 times, fulled (dropped to get the wool to go through the silk) and finally felted. To refresh: handwash with mild soap, air dry, and then lightly steam by holding the iron above the silk to soften it. Enjoy wearing this special, unique scarf!