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 Animals & Nature: 

Each tube is perfect for a child's room, an animal lover's home, a school, or a pediatrician's office. Enjoy the 13-page booklet about Maisie and Momma and how the first acrylic painting came to be. The laminated story booklet is full of fun giraffe facts that adults and children will enjoy, vocabulary words and questions, plus a way for a one to share her/his own artwork and adventures of Masisie and Momma. Yes, Momma's ears stick off of the tube. 

Maisie and Momma V11tstp1 Front cover on
Maisie and Momma

Momma Roo has kept a diary and since JoeyB is getting ready to leave her pouch for good, she is sharing her diary with him. Momma shares lots of red kangaroo facts, as well as a little advice. Momma is also  a bit of an artist and has sketches in her diary. This second teaching tube also includes a way for one to share her/his own artwork and adventures of JoeyB and his family. Yes, Momma's ears stick up of the tall tube.

JoeyB and Momma Roo MOOcvrpg cp1v10forFa
JoeyB & Momma Roo

 Art on Tall Teaching

Tubes & Booklet

The Barreds: Papa's Story of the Little Owlet that Could

This beautiful painting captures a barred owl family. In the story, Papa Barred Owl is reliving his childhood of being the last to fledge as his newborn owlets are getting ready to leave the nest. The booklet is full of amazing barred owl facts, No ears, but on the 48", 24" & 12" tubes, Momma owl, painted from a photo of Jersey from the World Bird Sanctuary in St. Louis, makes hooting sounds recorded live at WBS.    

The fourth tube, showing the life cycle of black swallowtail butterflies from Carla's garden, is completed but still in post production.

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First page Barreds booklet print v1e.jpg
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