Autumn, Summer, & Winter prototypes designed for our home. Custom-ordered tube: 5 ft, $250, 4 ft. $200, 3 ft. $150.

Nuno-Felted Fiber

Imagine using silk fabric as a base for felt; image the feel and the possibilities. Imagine placing wool roving (wool at the step before making yarn), cashmere sweater bits, & curly locks over the silk and then abusing it with hot water, rolling it 600 times and then fulling it by dropping it and adding very hot water to make it shrink. That's the process for nuno-felted fiber and the process Duncan Designs uses to create unique fabric to be placed on tall tubes. 

Fallen, floor piece*, nuno-felted "log": wool, silk, 5 ft. tube, 5' diameter, cloth: dyed silk, real leaves, wood, rocks, $500  or

*Fallen," wall piece, ready to hang on the wall in either direction. $425

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