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Left: 1950s vintage German glass beads from Bavaria dipped in 22K gold set the stage for this collection of earrings. All findings are gold-filled. $35 - $50.

Pictures 005.jpg
eye necklace_2668.JPG

Above: handmade chain with 800-year-old Persian Eye Beads, beautiful, ancient turquoise glass with clay eye beads over it. $250

Chain Maille rings.jpg

Left: we wind wire into jumprings and then weave using a plier in each hand. 

Far left: Buzantine: sterling & gold-filled bracelet. Classic with a toggle clasp.

       $135 for a 7.5". 

Flat chain maille wilth hammered gold-filed clusters. $250

L & below: Attachables: A Duncan Designs original. One handmade chain & pick any of these inserts for many necklace choices.The system uses rare earth magnets. Chain $95, inserts range from $35 - $75. 

140203 attachables in tray 957x1999cp2rt
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