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Sterling earwire, sterling jumpring, and Bali bead with bicycle chain part, 1 5/16" long.  Fun to wear with anything; great gift as well. 

Sterling Earwire & Sm Bali Bead: Spoked

SKU: BCS0010
  • Duncan Designs started working with bike chain around 2009. Spoked, our line which upcycles bicycle chain as part of the design, began when Carla was a resident artist at Soulard Art Market, now Soulard Art Gallery, in St. Louis. Thanks to Garrett Roberts, a resident photographer and bicycle enthusiast, for suggesting it and providing the first chain so many years ago.  By far, it’s been a favorite in retail shops.

    Using a tool, Carla takes apart bike chain, degreases it, and then has fun pairing it with sterling, stainless, niobium, copper, rubies, gemstones, and other parts for EARRINGS.  She doesn’t keep track of the many ways to combine items, she just sits down and sees what happens.

    Sterling or stainless or niobium defines what type of ear wire or post the earring has. Each has their advantages. If choosing sterling, Carla uses Argentium sterling which is .935 silver and does not tarnish as much as regular silver. Use a soft cloth with some jewelry cleaner on it and they will shine up well, or keep in a small plastic bag. Fine gauge sterling wire is very easy to work with for adding gemstones. Both stainless earring wires and posts and niobium are hypo allergenic, and won’t need as much care plus no worries about allergies. No matter what the combination, you’ll enjoy wearing them or giving them as a gift!

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