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A 8 3/4" unisex bracelet with stainless clasp and jumprings. Enjoy and wear in health. 

Unisex 8 3/4": Spoked Bike Chain Bracelet

  • Duncan Designs started working with bike chain around 2009. Spoked, our line which upcycles bicycle chain as part of the design, began when Carla was a resident artist at Soulard Art Market, now Soulard Art Gallery, in St. Louis. Thanks to Garrett Roberts, a resident photographer and bicycle enthusiast, for suggesting it and providing the first chain so many years ago.  By far, it’s been a favorite in retail shops.

    Using a tool, Carla takes apart bike chain, degreases it, and then adds stainless findings: jumprings and a lobster clasp. Our chains are measured from the inside of the lobster clasp "hook" to the inside of the large jumpring where you will click the lobster clasp. 

    To pick a size, use a cable, such as one for your phone or your computer. Wrap it around your wrist to size it. Slide it down your wrist to make sure that you are comfortable with where it falls on your wrist. You only want 1-2 fingers to be able to slide between the cable and your wrist. Lay the cable open and measure it. Find a unisex chain bracelet nearest your size. It could be 1/4" - 1/2" larger at the most. We suggest that you now mark the actual bracelet length you have chosen on the cable and then try it on your wrist. We will work with you if the size is wrong, but you will need to pay for shipping both ways, so please make sure you feel comfortable with your size choice.


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